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Born from a workshop production of Casey Wimpee's, "Marfa Lights," Theatre Synesthesia was born in 2012 with the partnership of Devin Finn, Jeremy Torres and Nicholas Kier. Annual productions followed and instilled in our company the following:

  • We rely on new and rarely produced works to bring to Austin stages/dance studios/warehouses

  • We work to engage our company and our audience with provocative performances and bold stories

  • We seek to foster the growth and development of young theatre artists in the greater-Austin area

We lost our artistic director, mentor and best friend Jeremy Torres to an automobile accident in 2016. A great man who touched the soul of so many artists throughout his life and his career at Texas State University, he is forever in our hearts and always at the back of our brains during every production, prodding us forward, telling us to be brave and reminding us to breathe. We love you, J.


Artist is a word that ‘floats’ in your head, but there’s a point where you’ve got to come out of the closet and say, ‘That’s what I intend to be...’ it meant defining the difference between ‘putting on plays’ and participating in the world through theatre. When you make a choice like that, you have to make a commitment to treasure the work - the work above all else, the importance of the work, the seriousness of the work, hopefully the value of the work.
— Garland Wright

the faces of Theatre Synesthesia




Received his BFA in acting from Texas State University in 2011. Has lived in Austin since graduating and has worked with numerous theatre companies across the Austin area. His passion for performance just barely surpasses his passion for jigsaw puzzles. Barely...




Holds her MSc in Theatre & Performance Studies from The University of Edinburgh- Scotland. She has worked with Syn since its founding in 2012. America enjoys dramaturgy, directing and writing poetry.



Another BFA from Texas State, sorry. Nicholas is a Connecticut native, which you can tell by his high-grade anxiety and affinity for Dunkin' Donuts. Nothing defines his dichotomy more clearly than continually getting cast as woodland animals in children's theatre or creepy weirdos.




Earned his degree from Texas state university and now lives in the great city of Austin Texas. Being a part of the Austin theatre community has been nothing short of a fantastic experience. While not working on my craft, I can be found playing trivia or reading a great book.


Feel free to shoot us a message using any of the methods below. We'd love to hear from you and are always looking for new friends and artists to collaborate with.